A sample letter to send off today

Police departments, sheriff's offices, state troopers and highway patrol offices are administered at the municipal, county, or state level. Making detailed changes locally is often a swifter process than trying to change things at a national level. Goals like #prisonabolition and #policeabolition can’t be achieved overnight. …

The original purpose of bail was to insure a defendant’s appearance at trial. Now it’s a different story.

Metal jail cell door with white person’s hand gripping a bar. Unclear if the person is inside or outside of the cell.

In the last 40 years, cash bail in America transformed from a system assuring defendants’ presence at future court dates into a pre-trial punishment. This transformation has devastated individuals and families, and it has both reflected and reinforced the power of police to commit violence against citizens.

Some states have…

#NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompts

White datura blossom

The word “villanelle” is from the French, although the form itself probably originated in Renaissance Italy. Originally, it was not a very structured form, but the villanelle we know today plays by a long list of rules.

Poets are so often rule-breakers. Why would they be drawn to the limits…

Michele Sharpe

Words in NYT, WaPo, Oprah Mag, Poets&Writers, et als. Adoptee/high school dropout/hep C survivor/former trial attorney. @MicheleJSharpe & MicheleSharpe.com

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